In love and exclusively dating?

When was the last time you fell in love with & exclusively dated yourself and God?

You’ll be good. Get out of your feelings over there and stick your chest out. There’s only ONE SOMEBODY for you! We always think we’ve missed out on good relationships, or possible good mates/spouses. Had you got that good woman/man back then…. Really, would you still have them now? Or how many years of pain would they have endured while you were doing your thing, or vice versa? Life is indeed a journey that teaches us. Many of us are so much stronger and wiser now! When God says “YES”… You and your king/queen will both be ready! And it will be AMAZING! And things will make sense. And you’ll look back and say… It’s clear now. I completely understand.

Be encouraged! Yes this single life… can be so peaceful. But adding dating to that equation… Lord! It can be draining. But, walk in patience and continue to fall in love with YOURSELF and GOD!

Seriously… people miss out on truly enjoying the best relationships that they will ever have. And that’s with SELF and GOD! If one can’t master these two or fully give attention to cultivating these two relationships… They can’t possibly be ready for a mate. And I read something yesterday that reminded me… when we focus on HIM…EVERYTHING …EVERYTHING …EVERYTHING ELSE falls in place!

You know I love you all. Hang in there!~Cbates

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